Google Dinosaur Record

About The Game

The game Dino T-Rex (Chrome Dino) first appeared on Google Chrome browsers in 2014, and was created by designers Allan Bettes, Sebastian Gabriel, and Edward Jung.

Now the game is no longer "like that" - since January 2016 there are new obstacles upon reaching 450 points - pterodactyls, and since May 2016 the night mode is turned on after reaching 700 points.

There's some good news: in 2018 a save feature that synchronizes with your Google account is available. The update is available in all browser versions over 72.1

In February 2020, a 3D version of the game was released. Now fans can enjoy the jumping of a green pixel dinosaur, but now a three-dimensional one, with background music as well.

Impact on the game industry

The popularity of Dino T-Rex prompted developers of other browsers to create similar games in their software. In May 2020, the Surf game appeared in Microsoft Edge. Players are invited to ride a surfboard on the waves, avoiding obstacles and kraken tentacles. And in October of the same year a similar game appeared in the Vivaldi browser. It's called Vivaldia.

Also in August, it was reported that the game can be hacked with a simple manipulation of the code. This allows the dinosaur to enter "god" mode, that is, to become immortal. After encountering obstacles, the game does not end, and the hero continues to run, as if nothing happened.

In that same August 2020, our beloved dinosaur got a small arsenal of weapons, time-slowing pills, and other interesting add-ons. WARNING! Some weapons can harm him himself. The modified version is called Dino Swords.

There are also amateur versions of the game, such as Modiji. It differs from the original by having Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi as the main character.

Redditor user named The_Terrain provided an image of a Dino T-Rex dinosaur in the world of the popular Minecraft game. It is quite possible that it is planned to create a similar modification.